March in Bloom

Hi, dear family and friends,
It is getting so pretty here with azaleas, pear and cherry trees, and daffodils and tulips in bloom. Somehow the first wave of pollen has died down.

Where to start re Kathy’s chronic illness? As always, Im sure I feel better than many people our age.

Speaking of age, did I tell you we got a bird spotting-scope for our birthdays? Wonderful for birds of course, and we recently saw Jupiter’s moons from our Callaway Gardens hotel balcony.

Okay. I have stage iv breast Cancer which means there are deposits in the body apart from the original tumor, which showed up in 1997. Thats a long good ride.
The locations of these gypsy clones are in 4 categories and tend to be followed in their own different ways.
1. Chest. Multiple nodules in lungs, with lymph involvement within the lungs, which is probably making me cough and hoarse! This is treated by chemo. The lymph involvement will be the trickiest problem so far…. we have to get that under control.
2. Bones. Scattered in spinal bones, no impingement on nerves or cord. This is treated with the same chemo plus Xgeva.(Look it up it is really interesting.) I also had a round of radiation to 2 spots.
3. Eye. It is a very common for breast cancer to migrate to the retina; the good news is there is only one and I have no loss of vision. Treated by chemo, possibly radiation if needed.
4. Brain. Few chemos can get to the brain, so we have a brilliant neurosurgeon following this and treating it with gamma knife. Had one yesterday. This is super lucky, as I told you before, because most women are getting Whole Brain Radiation. You would not want this is you did not have to have it!

NOW. Saturday night we went out to listen to one of our 2 favorite bands, Blue Galaxy, and I danced and sang until 11 pm. No booze for me, not needed. The music gives me so much energy. Maybe its a legacy from the Capitol records we listened to 20 hours a day growing up. (But I dont recommend that to you young parents out there)

So, I rest, then go do what I want to do, rest, repeat. The tricky thing is to be mindful of Tim’s needs too. He works a good week at UAB, takes care of bills, all outside work, and much more.

Matt is riding the bronco-horse-of-life and doing pretty well with a tuff ride. Alaina is starting to talk. Both parents working, we get to babysit some evening when Tim and I are BOTH home as I drop things frequently, Broken dishes, spilled drinks, and the cat who lands on his feet. No real harm.

We may go to the gulf beach tomorrow!

Thats all I can think of…. please ask if not clear.


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  • Valerie says:

    Seeing it all written down in black & white is pretty daunting. I can’t imagine how much more so it must be for you all but your good dancing : – ) and joie de vivre make it easier for us to be happy for the good times we are sharing. And hopeful that you’ll let us give more support when there is a need. Hope you DO get to go to the gulf beach — for me there is nothing more restorative than sunlight and waves. Lots of love, Val

  • Teri Landers says:

    Hello dears! Your writings are quite detailed and we give pause to your situation with much love and prayers. I hope you continue to feel all our love from here for you in Alabama. Your picture of Alaina looks so like Matt when he was a baby. Megan celebrated her 2nd birthday today and Max will be 4 in July. I just can’t get enough of them and try to hug them every day at least once. Working at developing accounting and related service business out of our home and while a slow process, I am hopeful it will progress. Still on the board of Long Beach Day Nursery (celebrating their 100th anniversary this year) and I will attend a board chair academy session tomorrow. We love you all so much. T

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