The Lady Game

All the world’s a stage

And all the men and women merely players.

They have their exits and their entrances,

And one man in his time plays many parts,

His acts being seven ages.

Scene 1, living room with sofa and coffee table.  Books strewn about.

A [as A]: Let’s play the lady game.

T [as P]: Okay, I am being quiet anyway.

A [as A]: [ducking under the table When you hear this ‘errrh errh’, that means she is knocking at the door. And when yo hear this: ‘rururr’, that means the door is opened.  She has a package and you don’t know what it is. And you say there is something under the table. errrh errh.

T [as P]: Oh hey who’s th

A [as A]: rururr She’s in now.

T [as P]: Oh, hey, how are you.  I see you have a package, looks like a present for somebody.

T [as L]: Yeah, it is.  I just saw something I though you would like, so I got it for you.  I wrapped it up for a surprise.

T [as P]: Oh thanks, that will be fun.

A [as D, quietly]: wooof

T [as P]: Oh yeah.  You know what, there is something under this table.  I have been waiting for it to come out, but it seems to be maybe scared or something.  It might be a dog, or at least a puppy, or something.  So, maybe if we are not too noisy, he will show himself.

T [as L]: Okay, let’s be quiet for some time.  Don’t open the present right now.

[A (as P?) peeks from under the table]

T [as P]: Oh, there it is coming out

A [as A]: No, I want to tell you something.  You say, maybe if we go in the other room, he will come out.  You go in the other room, and close the door.

[A disappears under the table.]

T [as L]: You know, maybe if we go in the other room he might come out and we can see him.

A [as D softly]: wooof

T [as P]: Well, yeah, but I am kind of tired right now.  I really feel like just sitting here, or maybe even lay down on the couch.

A [as A]: No, you go in the other room.

T [as P]:  Oh, maybe you are right,  and I would like to see what it is.  Ok, let’s go in the other room, for a while.  Maybe I will get a cup of coffee first.  You want anything?

T [as L]: No, I’m fine.  I’ll wait for you in the other room.

exeunt T as P, T as L

[A (as A) from under the table, loudly]:  And close the door.

Scene 2, Office, love seat, library table with computer, a flat screen TV in front of the love seat. P sitting on love seat, sipping a cup of coffee.  Door is closed.

[Door swings open, A as D runs in (on all fours), hides behind the love seat.]

T [as P]: Hey, there it is, but now it is hiding here.

T [as L]: Yeah, it looked like a dog, but what kind, it was sort of white, wasn’t it.

T [as P]: Well, maybe a puppy, might be a Dalmatian puppy, seemed to have some black on it.  But you know, Dalmatian puppies don’t have spots right away.

[A (as D?) peeks from behind the love seat]

T [as P]:  Hey, there he is!

A [as A]: No, I am telling you something.  I am a Dalmatian puppy, and I have my spots.

[A goes back behind the love seat]

T [as L]:  Maybe we could get some food for it, might be hungry.

T [as P]: That’s a thought.  I will go see what I have.

exit T [as P]

enter T [as P] with small plate of broccoli, sits back on love seat.  A [as D] runs and hides under the table.

T [as P]:  Here puppy, you want some broccoli.

A [as A, from under the table]: Those are treats.

T [as P]: Oh, right, here puppy you want a treat.

[A as D comes out and approaches the broccoli [as treat]]

T [as L]: Oh, look how cute.  He seems friendly.

[A as D takes the broccoli [as treat]]

T [as P]: Yes, very cute, hello, puppy.

[T [as P] pets the puppy.]

[A [as D] stretches and lays down on the rug.  Then gets up and paws the TV.  Eventually, turns the TV on.

T [as L]:  Looks like maybe he wants to watch TV.  You think he might like Octonauts?

A [as D]: Woof, Woof.

T [as P]:  Well, I guess so.  Come here puppy, you can sit here with me.

[A [as P] runs (on all fours) and sits next to T [as P] on the love seat.  She turns and looks at T [as P].

A [as D or maybe A]:  Can I be a human now?

T [as P or maybe T]: You can be a human whenever you want.  I think you make a very nice human, though I am not sure which act or role you are in or playing.  Pretty sure I am near second childishness, not quite mere oblivion.

Curtain on T [as P] and A [as A] sitting on love seat, A [as A] munching broccoli.

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  • Cindy Griesmeyer says:

    Tim, Alaina has such a wonderful imagination. Of course so do you. You are a wonderful papa (grandpa)to her. Love you both.

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