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We can mow


Denn alles Fleisch ist wie Gras und alle Herrlichkeit des Menschen wie des Grases Blumen. Das Gras ist verdorret und die Blume abgefallen.

The back fence is full of wisteria and some kind of grass.  It is where I once had a garden that produced so many green beans that we could blanch some and freeze them for the winter.  But not anymore.  In the interim, my neighbors have cleared some of their property, but have left enough trees to shade my little plot to the point of infertility.  Well, not quite.  A couple of years ago, I had cayenne peppers that did well.  Peppers enjoy the shade, and apparently they are strange enough in my environment to be unattractive to insects.  I still have some of those peppers.  They were pretty on the plant.  First flowers, then green, then red.  Now they are dry and resting in a vase.  Still pretty.  When fresh, some were used to make some spaghetti sauce.  But how much sauce do you need?  Don’t ask me.


The yard

The only other crop I had of which I still have some remnants is some cotton I grew many years ago.  This was in the sunny part of my front yard.  Some storms came through and uprooted some pine trees.  After cleaning up the trees there were some bare spots left.  I used one of those spots to plant some cotton seeds.   The local hardware store had them, and I got them.  Six cotton plants.  Green leaves, nice soft purple flowers.  Bugs got to some and wrecked them.  In any case   made them different enough so that they couldn’t produce cotton.  Maybe that isn’t really wrecking them.  Maybe some preferred not to make cotton.  And the bugs need something too, right?  The cotton harvest was sparse, but I still have some.  Will cotton lasts longer than dried peppers?  We are waiting to find out.

This time of year, even though I haven’t really planted anything, everything in the yard is growing.  Nothing needs to be added, you just need to be happy with what you have.  But sometimes there is too much.  Looking for a place to walk, and not finding it.  Looking for the fence, and not being able to see it.  (Something there is that does not like a fence.  So you can knock the fence down, which apparently is what frost does.  Or you can cover the fence up, which is what grass and wisteria do.  Helped by lots of other vines and bushes.

So, I go out.  Armed with a lawn mower.  But first the string trimmer, and some pruning shears, to try to get things down to the level appropriate for a lawn mower.  If it is really bad, I can use Roundup(r), which I do sometimes.  Mainly on poison ivy and wisteria.  But right now, I just want to clean out the back fence line, and I won’t be able to do that.  There is too much.  Still, I get a corner mowed down, and now I can open the back gate, after cutting off the vines.  All I am trying to do is stop some out of control growth.  Is that so difficult?  All my tools and intelligence brought to bear.  Still can’t stop it.  Next week I will be back again.  Just trying to stop, or maybe at least slow down a growth.  I can’t just kill everything, because there is too much out there that is good, too much that I need, or am not willing to sacrifice.  There are birds nesting in the wild roses and privet.  I do what I can in the winter, but the winter is a long way off.

Just want to walk around the yard.  Just walk without interference.  Not even all the yard.

We should be able to stop uncontrolled growth of invasive things.  But we can’t.  Not every time.  It is worth something, but not worth everything.

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